How to Share a Password Safely and Securely using a Password Manager

by Bobby McGivney
February 11, 2022

Whether it be a website If you’re working on your online business, chances are high that you’ll be sharing passwords or user accounts to collaborate with team members, clients, or business colleagues.

We recommend using a dedicated password sharing tool.

At Planted Sky, we prefer to use BitWarden.

Benefits of BitWarden (and most other password manager tools) include:

  1. Your passwords are encrypted safely.
  2. It’s super convenient. You only need to know your master password, and you can set the rest to random strings that can be forgotten.
  3. There are options to hide the password from who you share it with (they’ll need to use the browser extension to be able to use the hidden password) We recommend this approach for ultimate security!
  4. There are built in security audit tools, that will notify you of any stored passwords that were part of any past security breaches.
  5. And much more!

We do not recommend LastPass due to their track record re: breaches and communications with their customers.

Never share or store your password insecurely:

  • In your “notes” app on your phone
  • In an email
  • In a text
  • Anywhere that is not an encrypted tool that is dedicated for the exact purpose of sharing passwords and other sensitive information.

Alternative Solutions that are “meh”

If you’re absolutely pressed for time or not tech-savvy and it’s just going to be a one time share, you can use a tool like Privnote as an interim solution. This is good for quick shares where you are in a rush. You basically send an encrypted self-destructing note, that can only be read that one time. And then it’s gone forever!

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